16 expectations around the next-gen version of the game

The game celebrates its 8th birthday on September 17th. Still, it’s in the top bestseller rankings every month and every year. It’s also one of the most anticipated titles on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S for the end of 2021. When does the GTA 5 madness end?

The game is eagerly awaited, but also very much feared by the fans. After a release on PS3 / Xbox 360 in 2013, a release on PS4 / Xbox One in 2014, and a PC release in 2015, the pill has struggled to survive. Many gamers would have dreamed of seeing GTA 6 land instead.

Therefore, there are many expectations of GTA 5 “Next-Gen” in order not to disappoint. Here are, in our opinion, the 16 likely must-have items not to disappoint on PS5, Xbox Series X / S.

01 – Better graphics

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These are just the basics, of course. GTA 5 on PS5 / Xbox Series X / S has to look a lot better than the PS4 / Xbox One version. Unfortunately, ray tracing is unlikely to land. In fact, ray tracing is a complete lighting system that changes the rendering of the game thoroughly. Then all textures in the game need to be adjusted so that they can respond correctly to this lighting process (i.e. 474,498 textures in GTA V). It is also necessary to repeat all the interiors of the game to make them compatible both in terms of geometry and lighting atmosphere. Optimize all the game’s geometries, repeat the entire checkpoint rendering system and many other technical points.

You shouldn’t expect a game as nice as Red Dead Redemption II, either. GTA V evolves under the RAGE V.7 engine, while RDR 2 runs under the RAGE V.8 engine. Be careful not to have overly ambitious and impossible to achieve expectations!

02 – Better graphics resolution

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We therefore expect 4K, 60FPS (as is already the case on the PC). This is now something fundamental for next-gen consoles that can even display 120 FPS. So much to say that it’s the minimum unification for this next-gen version.

03 – Additional content

As with the switch from PS4 / Xbox 360 to PS4 / Xbox One, we want all of the content from the GTA Online update in GTA 5 single player! The nightclubs, the casino, the Benny’s garage, the new vehicles, the new weapons, the new clothes … we want all of this content … in solo!

04 – An “extended” GTA 5

It was one of the announcements for this next generation version. GTA 5, an expanded and improved version. So we’re trying not to get carried away and we’re not going to ask for a new card like Liberty City, Vice City or Las Venturas. However, we very much hope that Cayo Perico Island, which has been available on GTA Online since December, will finally be available solo! With two or three more surprises!

05 – New quests for GTA 5

When GTA 5 was released on PS4 and Xbox One in 2014, Rockstar offered new side quests and new collectibles exclusively for the next generation. We want the same thing with this new version! With, why not, collectibles to collect on Cayo Perico Island?

Of course, it is impossible to have new main missions or new unknown and troubled missions. But we do not refuse new attempts!

06 – A small gameplay update

Let’s face it, it won’t be possible to disrupt GTA 5 gameplay in this new version on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. On the other hand, Rockstar can adjust two or three small details and improve the view in the first person. Therefore we will not refuse some adjustments!

07 – Full DualSense compatibility

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It’s just a bonus for PS5 players this time around, but it seems unthinkable to have a next-gen version of GTA 5 on PS5 without the full compatibility of the DualSense controllers. There’s a lot to do between haptic vibration, 3D audio, and adaptive triggers … To honor the partnership between Sony and Rockstar Games!

08 – A transfer of backups from GTA 5

This is an important point for many players to avoid starting their game from scratch. It wasn’t possible from PS3 / Xbox 360 to PS4 / Xbox One, it seems inconceivable on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S! The ability to transfer our backups!

09 – An affordable price

This is four times that the game appears on new media. It is therefore unthinkable to have a game with a full pot price! A price of $ 29.99 would be nice, but we hope to at least not spend more than $ 39.99 on this next generation game.

10 – The ability to broadcast our characters (GTA Online)

Since 2013 we have spent all hours, nights and days in Los Santos online. For the passage on PS4 / Xbox One and PC, a transfer of characters is therefore required in order not to lose all our progress and continue our adventure on the next generation!

11 – A cross-platform (consoles)

More and more games allow it, it would be really interesting to have it in GTA 5 and GTA Online. The ability for PlayStation players to play with Xbox players and vice versa! Given the glitch problems on the PC, we are excluding this platform so as not to make the service unplayable!

12 – An increase in players per session

Up to 15 players online on PS3 / Xbox 360. Up to 30 players on PS4, Xbox One and PC. From now on we want to have sessions with at least 60 players to have fun like it should be in Los Santos! It’s not that the game brings more and more players together every year …

13 – A GTA Online with reduced loading times

At the beginning of the year, modders found a trick to reduce PC loading times by 70%! A technique exploited by Rockstar who rewards the two modders with a nice check for US $ 10,000. With the performance of next-gen consoles, we now expect a significant improvement in load times for PS5 and Series X / S!

14 – Major Updates (GTA Online)

Among the things that we expect in GTA 5, at least in GTA Online, is the arrival of new major updates! With map expansions and the opening of new buildings, as was the case with the last update of the Heist of Cayo Perico.

15 – A new revolution in GTA Online

Free updates from 2013. Raids, business, then card expansion. We now need a new break, a new revolution for GTA Online to continue the service. We’re counting on Rockstar to surprise us!

16 – A reasonable price for the standalone GTA Online

In December, Red Dead Online went stand-alone. That said, it is now possible to purchase Red Dead Online Support for € 19.99 without having to purchase Red Dead Redemption II. From the end of the year, when GTA 5 is released, GTA Online will also become independent. We hope the price is reasonable and does not exceed € 14.99!

So much for the expectations for the next generation of GTA 5. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you expect most from this new version.

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