Amazon announces massive hiring plan and salary increases

The pandemic is not over yet, but a wind of optimism is blowing across the Atlantic where economic recovery is beginning. In this favorable climate, Amazon has just announced the hiring of 75,000 employees in its US warehouses. To convince job seekers to join the company, the tech giant is even offering a $ 1,000 bonus in some places.

A very important job requirement

Amazon is often criticized for the difficult working conditions of its employees and wants to show its white paws. It promises that new hires will earn an average of $ 17 an hour, more than the minimum wage and more than the company’s usual $ 15.

To explain this strategy, we need to understand that labor demand is important in the United States, and so companies need to convince. Brian Olsavsky, CFO of Amazon, told the Wall Street Journal last month, “The economy is starting to open up and there is a great need for new hires in many different industries.”

In total, Jeff Bezos had already hired 500,000 additional employees worldwide in 2020 when the health crisis established its dominance in the online retail sector. In March, the company also announced the hiring of 100,000 people in the United States to meet an unprecedented workforce.

As a reminder, the workers at their Bessemer camp in Alabama ultimately rejected the idea of ​​forming a union. It is a victory for the direction that opposed it. However, that vote did generate some criticism of the working conditions and staff complained about the way they are being treated. Since then, the company seems to be doing everything possible to restore its social image and this includes in particular this communication aimed at increasing the hourly wage. Note that last March a raise was announced for European employees as well.

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