Disney + has no plans to give up Premier Access even after a pandemic

Long before the health crisis, the Walt Disney Company planned to make even greater use of their SVOD platform. It all started with the movie Mulan. The company originally planned to release this blockbuster in theaters but eventually switched to streaming. However, Disney invents a new concept in which Disney + subscribers have to pay an additional 30 euros to see the film. A concept that should have discouraged many subscribers, but which was actually particularly lucrative.

After this success, the Premier Access offering was born. The concept is simple: you can watch a movie on Disney + at the same time as it’s theatrical release. As with Mulan, this offer remains available for $ 30, a price that may seem high but is actually beneficial for large families. However, it is important to point out that such an offer is not possible everywhere.

What will happen to Premier Access after the pandemic?

In France, for example, the law does not allow a streaming platform to release a film at the same time as cinemas. Disney and other similar services therefore have to choose between cinema or streaming. Here’s why Mulan didn’t hit theaters but only on Disney +. By stating that the cinemas were closed during this time.

In reality, closing theaters is not a valid excuse as Disney has no plans to abandon its Premier Access offering during the reopening. At this time, we cannot determine which films will hit theaters or be streaming. While the cartoon “Raya and the Last Dragon” was only released on Disney +, all eyes are now on “Black Widow”. The company has yet to say whether the film will be streamed or will be in theaters. This means that cinemas should reopen in France from May 19th.

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