In an uproar, Joe Biden signs a decree focusing on cybersecurity

This week, hacking carried out by the Darkside cybercriminal group caused panic in the United States. The hackers used ransomware and successfully shut down the Colonial Pipeline network, which carries nearly 45% of the fuel consumed on the US east coast. Many Americans panicked and went to the stations to refuel or fill canisters … From then on and in some places the beginning of a shortage can already be felt.

Russia is in the sights of the Biden government

The problem should be resolved quickly enough, but this attack shows the vulnerability of Uncle Sam’s infrastructure. In this particular context, Joe Biden signed a decree on Wednesday to improve cybersecurity in the United States.

In particular, the US President supports initiatives to strengthen the exchange of information between the government and the private sector. Multi-factor authentication should also become the rule within the federal government, which offers additional security.

In addition to these sensible measures, the Democrat announces the creation of a Cyber ​​Security Review Board, inspired by the National Transportation Safety Board. The latter is responsible for investigations in connection with road, aviation, maritime and rail accidents.

As a reminder, the Biden government promised retaliation last March following the SolarWinds cyberattack that hit major US federal agencies and large corporations. As always in such a case, many actions are carried out in a covert way. However, the US government had promised increased economic sanctions against Russia, who were accused of being behind the offensive. Further secret actions against the Russian networks have been announced. The idea is to make them visible to Vladimir Putin’s government, but without being visible to the rest of the world.

China is also targeted by the new government after the hack that recently hit Microsoft. Here, too, we have no information on specific measures.

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