The new home delivery service arrives in Paris and Madrid

As in many areas, the pandemic has caused us to change our behavior. A blatant example is home delivery of groceries. While the concept has been around for years, the number of new users has exploded in the past few months. This craze has led new players to enter the market. This is especially the case with Dija.

Dija is a start-up founded by former Deliveroo employees. The startup’s goal is simple: Deliver your groceries to your home quickly and reliably. In November 2020, Dija succeeds in raising $ 20 million from Blossom Capital and Index Ventures. This fundraiser should allow the startup to accelerate its development.

Dija flies

Today Dija confirms its ambitions by formalizing the launch of its services in France and Spain. Dija was initially present in some districts of London and parked his suitcases in Paris in the districts of Montmartre and Marais, but above all in the Spanish capital. Dija is confident that his deliveries will cover 80% of Madrid.

In the next few weeks, Dija announced that she plans to move to new cities in France, Spain and the UK. Alberto Menolascina, former Director of Strategy and Development at Deliveroo, is the current CEO of Dija. He said: “France and Spain are the first stages of our expansion journey, but we are already expanding into several new markets. We want to be a global company serving tens of millions of customers around the world. “

If Dija’s ambitions seem achievable, it is important to specify that the startup must develop in a market in full transformation. Over the past year, dozens of European startups have sprung up in the home delivery market. I am thinking in particular of Gorillas, Glovo or Weezy. Anyway, we hope to soon benefit from Dija’s services in Lyon.

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