Why is Starbucks considering leaving Facebook?

Who hasn’t thought of leaving Facebook in the past few years? Although the platform comes in handy for keeping in touch with friends or family, creating or watching events, not to mention selling or buying various products through the market, more and more users are considering leaving Facebook.

It must be said that with a significant increase in hate speech, conspiracy theories and other disruptive publications, the most popular social network has become particularly anxious. On Twitter, some users even have fun tweeting funny situations and adding as a heading: “In the meantime, on Facebook …”

Starbucks on departure

A situation that makes some laugh but seems to annoy others. This is especially the case with Starbucks, which are only considering leaving the platform. The famous brand declares that it has reached a breaking point due to the thousands of hateful messages received while releasing a new release. Given Facebook’s negligence, Starbuck would have decided to delete its account.

Internally, however, that decision seems to be troubling the teams that manage the relationship between Facebook and Starbucks. One of the social network employees wrote to his colleagues: “Starbucks is in the process of evaluating their organic presence on FB and examining whether they should continue to be present on the platform. Whenever they post (organically) related to social issues or their mission and values ​​(e.g. BLM, LGBTQ, sustainability / climate change etc), they are overwhelmed with negative / insensitive comments and hate speech. “

Three years ago, the #DeleteFacebook caused many companies and celebrities to leave Facebook, thinking far less than Starbucks. Elon Musk (big fan of Twitter) has decided to delete the Tesla and SpaceX pages. It all started when Elon Musk replied on Twitter to WhatsApp’s founder, who tweeted, “It’s time. #deletefacebook ”. Which Musk replies “What is Facebook?” Elon Musk, who should have deleted his company’s Instagram accounts, which are still online …

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