How important is your “dear network” LinkedIn for your career?

The result is anything but new, but to maximize your chances of getting a job or new professional opportunities, an extensive network is a real plus. These contacts can be personal and close, but also more virtual and especially via LinkedIn.

The social network just released a report to measure the importance of managing a professional network in determining your future career opportunities. To do this, the platform analyzed a random sample of three million users from around the world.

Use the social network tools to go beyond the local network

LinkedIn therefore compared the number of connections Internet users had and their professional development. Among the key conclusions of this study, we find that users who have at least 13 connections with companies other than their current employer find a job 22.9% faster.

The social network also states that its members who are part of a group were 8.6% faster to get a new job than those who hadn’t integrated. Finally, users who follow at least 5 organizations on the platform return to work 7.1% faster than users who have not yet reached this level.

Ultimately, these results are not very surprising. In fact, people who have a broader professional network and who are kept informed of opportunities are much more likely to find work than people who do not do this active monitoring.

LinkedIn, in its conclusions, notes that the platform is not limited to direct connections between individuals, so encourages its members to use the various tools available to them such as: B. Groups and Followers.

Recently, the social network gave advice on how to get more responses to its posts. Short DMs should be preferred and should never be sent on weekends. Finally, personalization is important and therefore copy and paste should be avoided.

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