Liverpool relies on Google AI to transform football

Liverpool is one of the big names in world football while DeepMind, the Google company, has built its reputation in artificial intelligence. These two companies have partnered to find out what this technology could mean for the world of football. This deal owes nothing to chance, as Demis Hassabis, the company’s founder, is also a fan of the Reds.

An ideal tool for video analysis?

In a recent article, DeepMind researchers explain that they created a model based on data the club provided for every Premier League game between 2017 and 2019. It seems that the AI ​​is able to detect some details that are not strictly necessary for a human to see. The tool could therefore suggest attacking one side or the other of the field against a specific opponent and playing for a short or long period …

Likewise, and according to Wired, it could be used to predict the effects of a tactical change or how an opponent would play if a key player were injured. Of course, these elements can be discovered by a good trainer and the AI ​​is not there to replace them. But as pointed out by Karl Tuyls, one of the DeepMind scientists, quoted by our colleagues: “There is a lot of data to digest and it is not necessarily easy to see it in detail. We try to develop supporting technologies. “”

In addition, the system is not infallible at all and errors occur. It should therefore be used with a critical eye and the presence of experts to analyze the results remains essential. While these tools are not a substitute for managers, they can be valuable resources, especially for pre- and post-match video analysis of opponents. The researchers believe that we shouldn’t see any effects in the short term, but that within five years AI applications should be very present in football.

Artificial intelligence has already established itself in the world of football. To take just one example, we told you last year about this partnership between Amazon Web Service and the Bundesliga to change the way we look at games. In detail, the tech giant uses its cloud services and AI to offer viewers a range of statistics about the game of their choice.

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