Players are becoming more and more sensitive to social problems

The video game industry has not always given an exemplary image in recent years. We regularly learn that companies impose difficult working conditions on their teams, especially in the final stages of development, known as crunch. We have also heard of numerous cases involving cases of harassment and assault in certain major studios.

Far from being anecdotal, on the contrary, these issues are essential in the eyes of gamers if we are to believe the survey conducted by consultancy Accenture. Analysts surveyed 4,000 people in China, Japan, the US, and the UK. These four countries alone account for 47% of gamers and 64% of global video game spending.

The social aspect of video games is generally welcomed

The result here is very clear: 66% of respondents said they were more inclined to play games developed by socially responsible companies, while 26% took a neutral position on this issue.

Overall, gamers praise the social aspect of gaming, and 84% of respondents believe that by playing they can connect with more people with similar interests.

The players themselves are not always exemplary and this is one of the other lessons of this survey. For example, 44% of respondents said that video games “are a safe way to make offensive or provocative comments online. “”

As a reminder: some companies in the industry have recognized that their social responsibility is important for their image. In addition, Microsoft, Stadia or even Twitch formed the Play for the Planet alliance with 22 other companies in 2019. They pledge to encourage their players to use best practices to tackle climate change. Companies try to limit their ecological footprint.

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