Save up to 60% on the official Samsung website (bonus, gifts …)

The Galaxy S21 is the latest premium smartphone that Samsung has introduced. This new generation is available in three versions (S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra), all of which are very successful. Not only have they been out of stock for a long time, but Samsung continues to offer them with very attractive discounts.

Visit the official website for exclusive offers that will allow you to make big savings on the new Samsung Galaxy S21. The combination of all the advantages results in savings of hundreds of euros. For example, if you combine all these advantages, you can save more than € 520 with your Galaxy S21 +.

To see the offer it is here:

See the offer on Samsung

Instead of showing a single and unique discount, Samsung can give you a lot of benefits (between 5 and 10). The easiest way to find out the price of your Samsung Galaxy S21 is to go straight to the website and use the simulator. At the bottom of the page you can then view all the benefits (including discounts) that you will receive.

Below are detailed some of the benefits of buying a Galaxy S21 for this Ascension weekend. Among these we can mention a rental discount, a trade-in bonus, 5% loyalty points, a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live, etc. This is unexpected for such a premium smartphone. If you have the time and resources, take this opportunity.

The many advantages of the Galaxy S21

We are no longer presenting the Samsung Galaxy S21 because it is so popular. This Android smartphone is one of the most powerful models out there and it offers serious resistance to Apple and its iPhones. Only on the price level is Samsung more accommodating. This is especially true for this weekend in May when the price drops dramatically.

Although the model is not 6 months old, you can save over € 520 on the product. By adding all the advantages, the classic Galaxy S21 + 128 GB model can be reduced to 370 euros (instead of 899 euros). Below we describe the entire process to be followed. Note that if you purchase this product, you have 14 days to change your mind and return it in any case.

To get the best discount, you need to choose the Samsung Galaxy S21 + in a color that is exclusive to the official store (Phantom Gold or Phantom Red). In this case, you will receive the Galaxy Buds Live headphones for free (€ 169) with a € 100 trade-in bonus, € 80 rental discount, 15% total discount when purchasing a pack and 5% (or approx. € 45)) in Samsung points. So in the end there is a € 520 gift that you can withdraw from the Galaxy S21 +.

In fact, you might keep some freebies (like Galaxy Buds Live) or not use all of them (like the 15% off personalized package). That is, we have to see these as benefits that are added to the smartphone. Depending on your point of view, there will be additional savings or bonuses. In any case, this weekend is very generous.

See the offer on Samsung

Not all Galaxy S21 models can claim the same benefits. For example, if you’re using the standard model, you’ll be eligible for the € 100 trade-in bonus, € 80 rental discount or even Samsung Rewards points. However, the manufacturer doesn’t offer Galaxy Buds Live wireless headphones, which is a bit of a shame. The € 100 difference between the Galaxy S21 and the S21 + is much smaller. We can only advise you to opt for the larger / more efficient format.

After all, the last Galaxy S21 we tested is a real nugget too. It combines all of the above advantages for the Galaxy S21 +. If we only had to advise you on one, it would be this one. But be careful, it’s still € 200 more expensive than the S21 + model, it’s the only one that exceeds € 1000. All of this new generation Samsung is very high quality, this is only available to those who have the means.

The Galaxy S21, a showcase for Samsung

Over the years, Samsung has established itself as the real benchmark for Android smartphones. With its generation of the Galaxy S21, the Korean manufacturer shows once again that it wasn’t wrong. As a specialist in screens, it sublimes each of its models with a great AMOLED panel that ensures a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Samsung makes screens for the latest iPhone 12, making it the best reference on the market.

If the screens are made of the same technology, they are not the same size. They vary between 6.2 and 6.8 inches, depending on which model of the Galaxy S21 you will choose. In addition, they all come with a similar processor (Exynos 2100) and the design overlay on the Android operating system (One UI). Of course, the new generation is also compatible with the 5G network.

Among the differences between these models of the Galaxy S21 we can mention the batteries that oscillate between 4000 and 5000 mAh. Every smartphone has a quadruple photo sensor on the back, even if the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the most powerful modules (a main sensor with 108 MP). They all benefit from fast charging, but chargers are no longer included.

On this particular Ascension weekend, Samsung wanted to please its believers. It is obvious that such an offer will not be available in the long term. In any case, most discounts end on May 20th. These deals are probably the best we’ve seen since the Galaxy S21 was released. Do not miss this deal.

To see the offers it is here:

See the offer on Samsung

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