This real alternative to Dyson is in free fall (-40%) 🔥

Dyson is known for its original design and extremely powerful vacuum cleaners. However, the British manufacturer is not alone in the high-end home appliance niche. The Dreame brand is one of the main competitors. The latter, owned by the Xiaomi group, stands out at all levels.

In terms of price-performance ratio, this vacuum cleaner alternative to Dyson stands out by far. The products are just excellent (testing support) and the price is about half the price. As part of an offer on AliExpress, a single voucher slashes the price of the latest T20 model.

The vacuum cleaner Dreame T20 costs 230 € instead of 389 € or almost 40% discount. To do this, you need to accumulate the current discount on AliExpress (the product is displayed as € 281), to which you need to add the coupon code SDFRM13 when completing the order.

See the offer on AliExpress

At just € 230, this is the best price we’ve seen for this serious Dyson alternative. The Dreame T20 is a vacuum cleaner that was launched last November and belongs to the manufacturer’s latest generation. If you want the most luxurious and efficient model, you can choose it with your eyes closed. Also note that you have 14 days after delivery to change your mind.

The Dreame T20, an alternative to Dyson

If you want to get Dyson efficiency without paying the price, this Dreame T20 cordless vacuum cleaner is a nugget. Experts agree that this brand really has a lot to offer. Without considering the one-time discounts on sites like AliExpress, which are even more extreme value for money.

In terms of technical characteristics, this Dreame T20 vacuum cleaner is a high quality cordless broom vacuum cleaner. To respond to the Dyson V11, the brand came up with a versatile brush that could clean all types of floors. It differs in this point from the previous Dreame V11, which had a brush for hard floors.

In terms of autonomy, the Dreame T20 is also the brand’s most autonomous vacuum cleaner. Depending on the selected suction mode, you can climb in complete autonomy for up to 90 minutes. Note something new about this model: a removable battery that allows you to swap for a second battery (if you have a very, very large case). It’s also handy if the battery degrades over time: you can just replace this one without having to replace the entire vacuum cleaner.

Apart from the design, which is reminiscent of Dyson vacuum cleaners, this model fulfills all requirements. For those who were afraid of the user experience, it is perfectly mastered. An LCD screen in the upper part of the device allows you to see the status of the battery, the suction mode or the condition of the filter. It is really a very high quality vacuum cleaner in all areas except the price!

To talk about the latter, the price of the Dreame T20 drops to just € 230 on the retailer site via this flash sale. Remember to use code SDFRM13 for an extra € 50 discount. This is clearly the best price observed since it was released a few months ago. But be careful, there are less than 90 units in stock so it won’t be long.

This T20 cordless vacuum cleaner model available at this price is a real surprise. In fact, it’s placed on par with the latest Dyson V10 and V11 vacuums. These are each displayed between € 500 and € 600, the difference is immense. If you are looking for a nearly equivalent product (also in terms of design), this weekend is a great opportunity for you.

Why choose AliExpress?

AliExpress is now the 5th e-merchant in France. The Asian platform has grown significantly in recent years with products and prices appealing to the French public. Because of its status as the world leader in e-commerce, the company offers the best prices for all Chinese brands, including the premium brands.

However, these products are shipped directly from European warehouses. You will therefore receive a delivery within a few working days after placing the order. In the case of this Dyson alternative, you will have it at your home within 3 days of purchase. It’s as fast as most French ecommerce websites.

Of course, AliExpress also respects all the standards of these high-end products. As an alternative to a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the Dreame T20 comes with a 2-year guarantee. It’s a sturdy and quality product that you don’t have to worry about. You also have 14 days to convince yourself of the product. This post-delivery cooling off period is mandatory for all retailers operating in France.

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See the offer on AliExpress

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