Which series or film should I see this weekend?

Are you standing in front of your TV and scrolling through Netflix movies and series without finding your luck? Do you see him researching for hours on the weekend and finally not looking at anything? We’re not going to leave you like this.

To help you decide which series or film you would like to see on Netflix this weekend, we have prepared a small selection for you. And since we’re nice, we’ve also prepared a small program with series and films on Disney + and Prime Video. It’s for us, it’s a gift!

Which series or film should you watch on Disney +?

X-Men: The Final Confrontation will be added to the Disney + catalog on May 14, 2021. In this third film in the X-Men saga, the mutants for the first time have access to a treatment that allows them to get rid of their powers. Then comes a difficult decision, either to become full people or to keep what makes them different.

High School Musical is back for a second season! The Wildcats are preparing a performance of Beauty and the Beast for the spring, but it has to be up to the task when they take on North High in a very prestigious theater competition. Expect a new collection of choirs in this absolutely iconic musical.

How do I subscribe to Disney +?

Disney + offers a single subscription for 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros per year. At this price you have access to all the Disney catalogs you can imagine (classics, cartoons, etc.), but also to many National Geographic documentaries and, since February 2020, also to many adult films and series in the Starz section .

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Which series or film should you watch on Amazon Prime Video?

Underground Railroad is an original series available today on Amazon Prime Video. Inspired by Colson Whitehead’s novel, the series follows the fate of Cora Randdall, a slave from the southern United States who escapes from a plantation in search of a mysterious subway that will lead her to freedom.

She quickly discovers that it is not a legend and that a network of underground paths well traverses all of the southern United States. A five-star series of events not to be missed!

Based on the novel Moi of the same name, Christiane F. follows the descent of six freedom-loving young people into hell – between drugs, prostitution and Berlin nights. A series that is quite harsh but penetrating and is not recommended for sensitive souls.

How do I subscribe to Netflix, Disney +, or Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is by far the cheapest streaming platform. And it’s even possible that you’ve already subscribed to it without even knowing! In fact, Prime Video is part of the Amazon Prime subscription, a worldwide offering that is billed at $ 5.99 per month or $ 49 per year. In addition to access to the video streaming platform, the subscription provides access to free one-day delivery on Amazon, the Amazon Music streaming service, Twitch Prime, and free and unlimited storage of your photos on Amazon. Photos + 5 GB storage space on Amazon ride.

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Which movie or series should you watch on Netflix?

Woman at the Window is Netflix’s newest great original creation, available this Friday, May 14th, 2021. We follow the story of an agoraphobic child psychologist who befriends a neighbor across the street – and who can see the apartment from her window.

One day the neighbor disappears and she suspects that something strange has happened. Then a true descent into hell begins for this woman at the window.

Our Haunted House is another movie available on Netflix today. This original creation tells the story of a family who moved to a small Austrian town in a beautiful, very typical house.

They quickly notice some disturbing things. They discover strange symbols on the walls and everything seems to indicate that they are in the presence of a supernatural force. One of the brothers, Hendrik, will gradually discover the secrets of this dark house.

Love, Death & Robots: Volume 2 is available on Netflix this Friday. The first season showed 19 short films with just as many separate science fiction stories. The series uses the same formula for season 2.

Given the nature of this series, it is difficult to give you a summary. The episodes are pretty short and suddenly the best advice we can give you is to give it a chance with, as we promise, a nice visual slap in the face!

The Unreal: Incredible testimonials return for a third season. This terrifying documentary series features victims of paranormal phenomena and their loved ones. Each episode features terrifying reconstructions of testimonies to help understand the suffering of the common people who tell them.

How do I subscribe to Netflix, Disney +, or Prime Video?

Netflix offers three subscriptions starting at € 7.99 per month with plans up to € 15.99 per month. The difference between these different subscriptions is mainly due to the streaming quality (the cheapest subscription is limited to 780p quality) and the number of screens Netflix can be viewed on at the same time. Here are the details of the offers:

Netflix Essential for € 7.99 per month: Unlimited access to 1 screen in standard quality Netflix Standard for € 11.99 per month: Unlimited access to 2 screens in HD 1080p Netflix Premium for € 15.99 per month: Unlimited access to 4 screens in HD, Ultra HD, HDR10 and Dolby Vision

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