More than a third of companies use artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in companies has increased thanks to the pandemic. This emerges from the survey that IBM carried out among 5,500 companies, including French companies.

In detail, the authors state that 43% of the organizations surveyed accelerated their deployment in the last year. Overall, almost a third use at least one form of artificial intelligence, such as chatbots or natural language processing tools.

Executives trust AI more and more

In addition to the other lessons learned from this study, we can also see an acceleration in automation solutions. For example, 80% of companies say they are using such software or plan to do so within the next 12 months.

Given these needs, the companies surveyed are faced with limited expertise in relation to AI. In addition, 90% of respondents think it is important to explain how artificial intelligence leads to an outcome and 50% admit that it cannot.

In either case, corporate confidence in these solutions has never been greater. A study conducted by Oracle asked executives whether they were willing to turn the management of their finances to machines. 77% of these executives value what AI can say more than what their finance teams think.

Robotics is another vivid example of the increasing adoption of AI. A study published last July by researchers at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona showed that the health crisis has increased the use of social robots tenfold. These are machines that can interact with people. Based on 1,000 sources, including press articles or technology-focused websites, they identified 66 types of social robots that have passed the testing phase and 195 deployments in 35 different countries.

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