With this unique code it falls at an extreme price

The Redmi Note 10 is already developing into the bestseller of 2021. This entry-level smartphone, which was presented by Xiaomi in March last year, meets all the requirements. With its high-quality AMOLED screen, excellent battery life and a good quadruple photo sensor, it is aimed at the general public. What more can you ask for besides the lowest possible price?

This is exactly what AliExpress offers through an offer that goes through a special code. If you use the word FASTMAY20 when completing your order, the Redmi Note 10 drops to € 154 on the retailer page (instead of € 199). The price-performance ratio of this smartphone is even more unbeatable. It’s unlikely we can see an even better discount this year.

To use it it is here:

See the offer on the Redmi Note 10

As you can see on the ecommerce website, fewer than a hundred of these Redmi Note 10s are still in stock. However, beyond the inventory of this smartphone, there are also a limited number of codes. We must therefore hurry this Sunday so as not to miss this opportunity. You have a price here that is almost 20% off the official price, it’s a good deal.

Since the phone was released in March last year, the Redmi Note 10 has never hit a lower price point. From the point of view of the price-performance ratio, this Xiaomi phone reaches an unbeatable level. And if you still need to convince yourself, know that you have 20 days after delivery to return the product and receive a refund.

The cheapest market price

Granted, the Redmi Note 10 is not the same as an iPhone 12. But that is not what we are comparing here. From a value for money perspective, this phone is for sure the best smartphone out there. It is certainly an entry-level model, but it will suit a very large audience. In terms of its technical properties, it is also more in the middle range.

It must be said that Xiaomi did not skimp on the funds. The telephony giants have installed their Redmi brand as a benchmark in the entry-level segment. In a few years more than 200 million of these models have been sold. And the Redmi Note 10 should only continue the tradition, especially with a price as aggressive as the one that AliExpress put on this Sunday.

Now when we get to performance, we immediately appreciate the 6.43-inch AMOLED screen. The case is made of plastic, but no competitor in this niche can boast such a high-quality OLED screen. In the end, it’s unexpected for around € 150. This is the first strength of this new generation of smartphones.

Then of course we have to talk about the photo offer. There is a quadruple sensor with a 48 MP wide-angle module on the back of the device. In addition, you have three other photo sensors that allow you to take different types of pictures (ultra wide angle, telephoto, etc.) For that price, it’s still a technical feat. It’s just excellent.

See the offer on the Redmi Note 10

The third point that the Redmi Note 10 stands out is the battery. And to say the least, the Xiaomi smartphone doesn’t pretend. With a 5000 mAh battery you can easily last for 2 days in full autonomy. For those who use their phone more ad hoc, it can even go beyond that. And the fast charging system can restore more than half the battery in 30 minutes.

We’re not going to talk about the technical performance of its Qualcomm processor here. What you need to know is that the phone can run all mobile applications, including the most power hungry games. You shouldn’t expect the graphics quality of an iPhone 12 (or a Galaxy S21), however, but it’s still very much correct. For that price you can’t ask about the moon either.

The Redmi Note 10 at a mini price

It’s been a few years since AliExpress hit the French market. The global e-commerce giant has positioned itself with extremely aggressive prices since the beginning of the year. He negotiated with his client Xiaomi over codes and discounts that cannot be found anywhere else. The Redmi Note 10 for only € 154 is clearly a real exclusive product.

If you select this smartphone on the website, you are initially entitled to delivery within 3 working days. The Redmi Note 10 is delivered from a warehouse in Europe, so you will not have any VAT problems. AliExpress has greatly simplified the ordering methods to ensure good tracking and transparency of purchases. It’s no surprise that it is among the top 5 e-merchants in France today.

This particular Ascension weekend deal shouldn’t last long. Inventories are very limited and the global chip outbreak is unlikely to help find these smartphones in the months ahead. Instead of waiting to see how the price goes up, it’s better to take advantage of it now. The Redmi Note 10 for less than € 160 is definitely an excellent offer. The price-performance ratio is irresistible.

To see the Redmi Note 10 it is here:

See the offer on the Redmi Note 10

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