Everything you need to know about the new self-employed account

Hello bank! has more than 630,000 customers as of late 2020 and all are individuals. Since its inception, online banking has never turned to professionals, so the parent company BNP Paribas takes care of these profiles with more advanced requirements.

After digital tools made it possible to ignore the need for branches and advisors, more and more professionals are targeting mobile banks to open an account. The trend is particularly strong among the self-employed.

Discover Hello Business

“Hello Business” is a new bank account that has been available since May 10th. Hello Bank !, the 100% online offering from BNP Paribas, took advantage of a profitable and growing market to launch its own current account formula for the self-employed. In 2020 alone, 550,000 new self-employed entrepreneurs started their work.

Hello bank! Business for whom? As stated by the institution, this new offer is aimed at workers under the status of micro-entrepreneurs or sole proprietorships (artisans, traders, farmers, liberal professionals).

Discover Hello Business

The formula costs EUR 10.90 HT (EUR 11.50 TTC) to access a checking account with a bank card with free payments and withdrawals in euros as well as in foreign currency. In contrast to its competitors at the same prices, Hello Business is characterized by this advantage of its international ease.

Check, cash, instant SEPA transfer … the offer has the advantages of an online bank and those of a traditional bank. Customers benefit from the app’s digital functions such as a tool for invoices, offers and credit notes that can be created with just a few clicks.

With the same application, customers enjoy the same advantages as online banking for individuals, namely a simple and fun interface, notifications for every payment, a solution to block / unblock and reject their card. Customer service is available via chat, but also by phone from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (excluding public holidays).

More flexibility

In addition to the other advantages of Hello Business, the online bank has announced the possibility of an overdraft facility of € 1,550. A cash loan that might allow some customers not to find themselves in a bad position if they are struggling to manage their immediate expenses and accrued income.

Following the same logic of flexibility, Hello Business gives its customers the choice between an instant debit or a deferred debit payment card. The first, which is included in the formula at € 10.90, is the most classic, but has the advantage of never being revealed. With the second, deferred direct debit, you can pay even if we do not have enough credit on the account (your card will be debited on the last working day of the month).

A special offer

To reward the first customers who subscribe to Hello Business, Hello bank! offers two months membership. To be eligible, you must complete an account opening request no later than June 30th. To learn more, visit the link below.

Take advantage of the Hello Business offer

As with Hello Bank! The Hello Business formula is 100% online and it is therefore possible to simply open an account on the Internet. This requires filling out a form to enter your and your company’s information (e.g. the SIREN number). An electronic signature and the sending of receipts (via scan) are requested.

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