Like Twitter wants you to accept ad targeting on iOS

The iOS 14.5 update is a revolution for the mobile app industry. Apple released App Tracking Transparency, a feature that requires developers to request permission from their users to collect their data for ad targeting purposes. This system is generating real interest among iPhone owners, and according to a recent survey, nearly 90% of American customers are opting out of tracking advertisements.

“Keep Relevant Ads”

While this option undermines their economic model, the major platforms are trying to respond. This is especially the case with Twitter, which posted a little message for its users on iOS. He asks them to accept this tracking so they can get better ads:

To keep ads relevant to you, Twitter may track data from other companies on this device, such as: B. The apps you use and the websites you visit.

When it announced its latest quarterly results, the platform forecast the changes to iOS would have “modest” business impact. The web giant isn’t the only one worried about the consequences of this move. This also applies to Facebook and Instagram, which conveyed a very clear message to their users:

For this version of iOS, we need to request permission to track certain data from these devices in order to improve your ads. Find out how we will limit our use of this information if you don’t enable this device setting. We use information about your activity that you received from other apps and websites to: Show you more personalized ads and keep Facebook free [et] Advertising-reliant companies help them reach their customers.

In this regard, we can assess the impact of app tracking transparency in the next quarterly results published by these major social networks. The latter should nonetheless remain largely profitable, and companies like Facebook and Twitter have a big head start in online advertising.

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