Nintendo spends a lot of money on its new console and new games

The Nintendo Switch is only four years old and keeps exploding on the counters. Almost 85 million units are now sold worldwide, allowing the company to generate net income of 3.6 billion euros in the fiscal year, an 86% increase over the previous exercise.

The machine could reach the top 3 best-selling consoles in history in the next few years behind the PlayStation 2, the DS and the Game Boy. Nintendo does not intend to rely on its successes. The company is working on their new console and the budget allocated for it is already very high!

Over $ 700 million for the next Nintendo console


Since the Switch was released, the finances for Nintendo have been excellent. Every year the company generates more and more money and even breaks all records last year. Every year, part of the money earned is reinvested to set up new projects. We learn that Nintendo has allocated a budget of $ 750 million to its research and development department for the current fiscal year (ending March 2022). This corresponds to an increase of 10% compared to the predecessor.

Unsurprisingly, shareholders asked ShuntarĂ´ Furukawa, the current CEO of Nintendo, how this money is being distributed within the research and development department. The latter were entitled to a fairly accurate answer, with Furukawa announcing the $ 750 million will be used to design games, develop new digital strategies, and produce a next-generation console.

A few weeks ago, ShuntarĂ´ Furukawa announced that the switch was in the middle of its life cycle. The man had also announced that Nintendo absolutely had to develop new licenses in order to face the competition. Everything indicates that the company is seriously preparing its future and that the goals for Big N are high!

The company is preparing a very large E3 for the next month. Maybe we’ll get a chance to take a look at Nintendo’s plans!

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