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Monabanq is one of the most popular online banks out there. The company is a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel Group and benefits from a full range of products and excellent customer service. The latter was voted “Customer Service of the Year” for the fourth time in a row in 2021. For someone who is slowly getting into digital banking, the transition is extremely pleasant.

In addition to its range of products and services, Monabanq is also very generous towards its customers. It starts with the welcome bonus which is inflated on the occasion of the Monabanq weeks. Between May 17th and 31st of the month you can receive a bonus of up to € 120 for the first opening of a current account.

Discover the Monabanq offer

Please note that this offer is not available on the bank’s usual website. You must use the button below to access this page dedicated to Operation Monabanq Weeks. By default, online banking only offers you a free Visa Premier card (worth € 36) for 12 months. It is therefore in your best interest to opt for this hidden offer.

How do I get the total premium at Monabanq?

As explained on the page about the operation of the Monabanq Weeks, you have the option of receiving a bonus of “up to € 120” when you open an account. The process isn’t complicated if you intend to be a loyal customer, but you still need to consider it.

The first part of the premium is divided into 8 monthly payments of 10 euros. In order to receive each of them (in the first 8 months after opening the account), a minimum of 10 direct debit transactions (type of payment by card or direct debit) with a minimum amount of € 300 must be carried out. Each month is independent so you can earn either € 0 or € 10 per month.

Then you have to follow the same rule in the second part of the bonus, but for the next 4 months – unhindered. In other words, between the 9th and 12th months after opening your Monabanq account, you will need to complete the 10 direct debit transactions each month. In this case, the 13th month of your 40 euro bonus will be credited to you. So in total you can touch 80 + 40 = 120 €.

For those who want to subscribe to the online banking offer in order to make it their main account, these conditions are quite easy to meet. That said, it can be more difficult for someone who wanted to take it step by step. For comparison: a company like Boursorama Banque has no requirement to offer all new customers the 80 euros.

The Monabanq offer can be found here:

Discover the Monabanq offer

A complete range at Monabanq

In contrast to Boursorama Banque or Hello Bank! Has Monabanq chosen paid formulas. In other words, regardless of what account you have with her, you have to pay for a monthly quote. It varies between € 2 and € 9 per month depending on your needs.

The two formulas Pratiq and Pratiq + are simplified banking offers that represent a good compromise for everyday use. The Uniq formulas are more intended for a clientele of travelers. To learn more, you can read our full Monabanq review here.

The 4 formulas at Monabanq © Monabanq

Either way, this Monabanq week special is great news. In this way, you can largely offset this monthly contribution over several years. Also note that Monabanq stays much cheaper than a traditional network bank, which charges an average of € 210 per year (compare with the Pratiq offerings).

In addition to the checking account and debit card (Visa Premier optional), you can access a whole range of competitive banking products. Monabanq is an excellent specialist in savings, but also in insurance, loans or various investments. Note that there is an offer available for young people, which is very rare for an online bank.

If you intend to open an account with this facility, this Monabanq Weeks transaction is the perfect time to do so. In fact, it is the most generous premium on the market and you can see it in our bank comparator here. But here, too, Monabanq will ask you for a contribution to its checking account, which other online banks do not ask you for.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition

Annual fees: € 36 • Initial deposit: € 150

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✔

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: € 0

Withdrawals in the Eurozone: Free of charge • Payments in the Eurozone: Free of charge

Payments in foreign currency: 2% • Payments in foreign currency: 2%



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