Stop the clapping for some Apple accessories this week

Apple withdrew the iMac Pro from the market at the beginning of March, and its accessories in “Space Gray” will soon no longer be available. As with the computer or the speaker attached to the HomePod, Apple does not withdraw the products directly, but states that they will only remain available until “stocks run out”.

These are the Magic Mouse 2, the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad. These three products will be withdrawn from official stores. Last month, our first clue had something that caught our attention. The price for accessories with this particular color had fallen, while the price for the more popular “silver-gray” alternative remained the same.

New color selection

Apple seems to have made its decision based on its withdrawal from the sale of the iMac Pro of the same color. Even so, the Apple brand continues to market its laptops in space gray like the MacBook Pro M1. What will happen for the next generations? Hard to say at this point.

In Apple’s schedule for the third quarter, the MacBook Pro M1 should have a completely different new version (after the processor change last year). In addition to potentially bringing MagSafe back, the option for the gray room color could potentially be removed.

© Apple

At the same time, with the presentation of the new iMac 2021 with an M1 chip, Apple introduced an entirely new guideline regarding the colors of its computers. A total of seven new colors are available, inspired by new proposals for the iPhone. And we’re far from the sober and classic choices we’ve made in the past.

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