The Android version of Clubhouse will soon be available worldwide

Since the beginning of the year, the media have repeatedly mentioned Clubhouse, the social network that enables discussions in audio lounges. It was a complete success indeed.

However, access to the clubhouse is currently very limited. To access the platform, you must first be invited by someone who is already using the service. On the other hand, Clubhouse only had an iOS app and no Android version.

Recently, Clubhouse finally decided to accelerate the deployment on the Google platform. Almost a week ago, Clubhouse announced the launch of a beta for its Android application in the US. And this week we learn that this Android application will be deployed all over the world in a few days. This means that Android users who receive an invitation will soon be able to finally enjoy clubhouse audio lounges.

Ain’t too late

The announcement of the delivery of this Android application will be made when Clubhouse already experiences a loss of speed while downloading. On the other hand, many services have rushed to develop features that are similar to those of their audio lounges. Some of the clubhouse-inspired companies include Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

As we explained to you in a previous article, Facebook recently announced a major offensive for the audio format, with a clubhouse-inspired functionality, but also podcasts equivalent to TikTok for audio, as well as an integration of Spotify. For its part, Twitter has developed Spaces, a clubhouse clone that is already available in beta for iOS and Android.

Clubhouse audio lounges are expected to be copied across the web, like the Snapchat Stories that inspired Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even Netflix.

Clubhouse, a $ 4 billion app!

In any case, Clubhouse is announcing the arrival of its Android application while it raised funds a month ago to raise its valuation to more than $ 4 billion. These funds are intended to precisely help the platform shift up a gear.

“Although we’ve quadrupled the size of our team this year, stabilized our infrastructure, launched Payments in beta to help developers monetize, and prepared Android for launch, there is still a long way to go Clubhouse to make more people around the world. It’s no secret that our servers have had a bit of a problem over the past few months and that our growth has exceeded the first discovery algorithms originally developed by our small team, ”reads the announcement of this new fundraiser.

In order to stand out from its competitors, Clubhouse also relies on content. And creators play an important role in that strategy.

Two weeks ago, the company announced the 50 beneficiaries of its creator support program. Receive financial and technical assistance in publishing audio programs on Clubhouse.

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