The solid French alternative to WhatsApp is available

The past few months have been hectic for WhatsApp. In early 2021, Facebook’s messaging app announced the impending introduction of a new privacy policy. WhatsApp seems to have overestimated itself, however. While these new regulations have largely responded to users, WhatsApp added that it was mandatory to accept them in order to continue using the app. However, things did not go as planned.

We will not understand all the facts, you will find all the information you need here. Today we will mainly focus on the consequences of the WhatsApp announcement. Quickly, hundreds of thousands of users are choosing to quit WhatsApp to join other alternatives. A recent study shows that signal downloads rose 5,001% in January! Signal isn’t the only app that can replace WhatsApp, however. Direct competitor Telegram has also welcomed many new users.

A French alternative, environmentally conscious and respectful of privacy

In France, more precisely in Brittany, the Rennes-based company “Dolmen” does not want to give up its market share. Dolmen developed Treebal, a messaging application that is portrayed as being ethical and respectful of the planet. In response to WhatsApp and other similar applications, Treebal plays the card of ecological responsibility and guarantees its users maximum confidentiality in the management of their data.

To put it simply, David Godest, CEO of Dolmen, describes Treebal as an instant messenger with the main goal of protecting the planet and the personal information of its users. To put it simply, depending on the number of users and the new conversations created, Treebal is committed to planting trees all over the world. On its website, Treebal is categorical: “No greenwashing. Half of the budget resulting from the use of Treebal is reinvested in a responsible and sustainable way in reforestation projects around the world. “

Treebal is now available for Android and iOS and already has a few thousand users.

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