Ultra Premium Antivirus Breaks Its Prices (Exclusive)

Bitdefender is the world’s most popular antivirus. It equips no less than 500 million devices worldwide and benefits from this large network to detect any hacking attempt. It is a reference on both Windows and Mac, iOS or Android.

For a few days he is offering all readers of Presse-citron a special discount. For example, the classic antivirus program drops to € 16 per year instead of € 39.99 or a 60% instant discount. However, we recommend that you opt for the complete Total Security solution, which is also not available: € 32 instead of € 79.99 or an equivalent discount percentage. Finally, there is an intermediate package called Internet Security, which is also available at a reduced price.

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A complete solution from Bitdefender

Bitdefender was founded in 2001 and is now the global benchmark for antivirus programs. The tool is simple and effective and can keep you safe in all cases. By opting for a solution of the Total Security type, he can get even further into the services.

The first thing you need to know about Bitdefender’s Total Security Suite is that it is compatible with all operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. This is not the case with the Antivirus Plus Formula and Internet Security. In other words, if you want to protect a smartphone or an Apple computer, you have to go for the full overall security formula.

However, from a value for money perspective, it is in your best interest to choose the Bitdefender Total Security solution. It’s much more complete and the price is still very reasonable. One of the main advantages of Total Security Suite is that you have a tool that you can use to clean your computer. For example, all unnecessary files can be deleted or background tasks can be monitored even better.

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In addition to the other advantages of the Total Security Suite, you have the particular option of protecting 5 devices in parallel (and not 3 as in the other two formulas shown in the image above). Finally, with this complete Bitdefender solution, you can also have a remote computer locking system. In case of loss or theft, all you need to do is activate it remotely and the computer will freeze. You can read our Bitdefender review here to find out more.

Here, too, the exclusive offer described here only applies to our readers. For example, if you go to the classic website, you will see that the Antivirus Plus formula is at € 29.99 (rather than € 16 as here). The Total Security version is displayed on the official website for € 39.98, up from € 32 via this exclusive landing page:

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What alternative to Bitdefender?

Have you experienced Bitdefender before but looking for a different solution? If you are using a Mac, there is a cybersecurity benchmark not to be missed. Intego is an antivirus and security suite company founded in 1997.

The tool is only available on Mac, so you won’t be able to enjoy it on Windows, Android, or even iOS. The company has chosen to focus on Macs with all the specifics of the MacOS operating system. It’s a bias, but it allows it to be the most secure on this type of device.

In terms of solutions, it also offers different variations of the same principle as Bitdefender. On the one hand, there is the Internet Security X9 solution, which contains an antivirus program and a firewall. It’s the same principle as the Bitdefender formula of the same name, except that it is only compatible here on Mac. The price is currently € 19.99 per year instead of € 49.99.

Then there is the Mac Premium Bundle X9 Suite which is the most complete (and which we recommend). Not only does it contain this antivirus, it also includes a Mac cleaner (ultra-discreet) or a parental control system. The tool is really intuitive, you will never be disturbed during your navigation.

To discover the full range of Intego, please click here:

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