Would you pay € 3 per month to access a premium version?

It’s been a few months since we learned that Twitter developed a premium service to diversify its revenue streams by not relying solely on online advertising. The platform recently made acquisitions to bolster this future premium service.

In January, Twitter acquired Revue, a newsletter platform, and announced that it would integrate this platform into its social network. More recently, Twitter has also bought out Scroll, a service that allows Internet users to read articles without seeing ads and that allows the media to diversify its sources of income.

In the announcement of this acquisition, Twitter mentioned its future premium version. “As a Twitter subscriber, imagine having access to premium features that make it easy for you to read articles from your favorite media company or a journal writer’s newsletter. Part of your subscription goes to the editors and authors who create the journal content. ”We read in the announcement of the takeover of Scroll.

Twitter Blue will gradually be revealed

And today things are taking shape. If it is not currently known when the premium Twitter subscription will be available, reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchum Wong recently discovered new information as she delved into the application of the social network.

Twitter is calling its upcoming subscription service “Twitter Blue,” currently priced at $ 2.99 per month, including paid features such as:

Undo tweets: https://t.co/CrqnzIPcOH

Collections: https://t.co/qfFfAXHp1o pic.twitter.com/yyMStpCkpr

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 15, 2021

According to this specialist, Twitter currently intends to name this subscription Twitter Blue. And its price would be $ 2.99 a month.

“Take your Twitter experience to the next level with exclusive features,” says a screenshot by Jane Manchum Wong. Among the features that Twitter would like to offer its premium subscribers is the ability to save bookmarks in thematic directories as well as cancel the publication of a tweet (not to be confused with an edit button).

And as Twitter had already mentioned, thanks to the acquisition of Revue and Scroll, the premium subscription should also offer access to an advertising-free reading experience for certain press articles and for newsletters. Finally, Jane Manchum Wong mentions the possibility of Twitter offering multiple subscriptions.

This allows the user to access more premium features by choosing the most expensive subscription. Also note that rumor has it that Twitter has also explored the idea of ​​bringing new features to its premium subscribers on Tweetdeck.

It should be noted, however, that before the official announcement, Jane Manchum Wong did not discover features in apps like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for the first time. It is therefore a very reliable source.

A subscription that coexists with the ad-sponsored free offering

But for now, of course, all of this information needs to be viewed with caution until an official announcement is made by the company. It seems clear that even if Twitter launches a premium subscription, advertising should continue to be the main source of income (initially of the month).

Additionally, when the platform recently announced its quarterly results, it said advertising revenue was up 28%. This data is important because the first quarter of 2021 was Twitter’s first quarter in the post-Trump era (as a reminder, Twitter decided to permanently ban the former US president).

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