10,000 incomplete copies cannot be delivered

This Tuesday, our colleagues at Electrek just revealed what could become a real nightmare: there are currently more than 10,000 copies of Tesla parked in the outdoor parking lot of the Gigafactory in Fremont with a defect that doesn’t allow them to be books.

These would be incomplete copies, but the Californian manufacturer is careful not to mention the smallest detail. Sources close to the case surveyed by the trade media confirmed the existence of Model 3 and Model Y and that one or more components were missing.

The number of parked vehicles is not insignificant. In addition to this assembly problem that keeps them in Fremont, they would be “between 10,000 and 20,000 copies” affected. In addition, if the supply chain problem in question does not end soon enough, this estimate could increase further.

“We don’t know when the patch will be available. […]. The longer it takes, the crazier the logistical challenges get, ”commented Fred Lambert, Editor-in-Chief of Electrek and author of the article in question.

Tesla produces its copies and only delivers them to dealers after purchase. So much so that the logistical challenge is great every quarter, while stocks cannot have very high margins.

According to the sources addressed by Electrek, the internally decided solution was to send these copies to the respective sales point anyway. Then it is up to the Tesla Centers to make the corrections once. At the moment, however, no schedule or instructions have been given.

We’ll update this article as Tesla gets further clarification.

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