Amazon is ready to pay 9 billion for a cinema giant

Metro Goldwyn Mayer, founded in 1924, has become famous for its logo, its roar, but above all for its huge catalog of film and television works. MGM’s licenses and franchises include James Bond, Rocky, Vikings, Stargate, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Hobbit, and The Pink Panther, to name a few.

In the past few days, The Information launched a bombshell by announcing that Amazon Metro would buy Goldwyn Mayer. According to the American media, the company founded by Jeff Bezos has already made an offer between $ 7 billion and $ 10 billion. More recently, Variety has taken advantage of this information by disclosing the exact amount of $ 9 billion. The media add that this is what Metro Goldwyn Mayer is expecting.

The discussions continue, nothing has been confirmed

As a reminder, Metro Goldwyn Mayer has been on sale since December 2020, and while Amazon is one of the few companies able to spend this much money to afford MGM, nothing seems to be certain just yet. Indeed, The Information would like to point out that “the state of Amazon’s discussions with MGM is not clear and it is possible that no agreement will be reached.”

Although some of its licenses appear to be aging, Metro Goldwyn Mayer is said to have a library of over 4,000 films and 17,000 hours of television content. By formalizing the redemption, Amazon could evolve its Prime Video catalog in response to Disney increasing redemption of this type, as was the case with 21st Century Fox in 2017.

Note that Metro Goldwyn Mayer owns the James Bond franchise, one of the most valuable cinematographic works ever made. The exclusive inclusion of the James Bond films on Amazon Prime Video could likely attract some new users.

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