Android 12 has a novelty that has been copied to iPhone for security reasons

Google held its annual I / O conference Tuesday to take stock of its new software and hardware. Android 12 was the most anticipated topic. The next major update to the Google operating system will be released later this year. However, a few points were touched on today, especially the user interface.

We look forward to seeing you on Citrus Juicer tomorrow for a more complete round-up of the new Android 12 features. Tonight we wanted to discuss a very specific novelty, copied straight from Apple, and the release of iOS 14. Android users, you will soon be able to find out if your camera and microphone are enabled on your device.

© Lemon Squeezer / Google

An indicator light for more privacy

Apple has a small indicator light on its products (including iPhones and Macs) to let you know that one of the currently open applications is using your camera. Android 12 adds this to its smartphones (starting with Pixel Line devices).

The camera is complemented by the microphone. The second sensor that is currently a concern for user privacy. Regardless of which of the two sensors is used, Android 12 will notify you of this little green indicator. Since the devices with pixel area do not have a notch, the display is shown on the right edge of the upper part of the screen.

In the notification bar, Android 12 users can temporarily disable access to the camera and microphone for all applications by sliding to quick access to the main settings.

© Lemon Squeezer / Google

More functions will follow with Android 12. In terms of confidentiality, the third point that Google wants to focus on is geolocation. From now on it is possible to restrict any application that requests access to our location to an “approximate” geographical location so as not to reveal an exact address.

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