Boursorama Banque offers € 80 for the first account opening

A few days ago the Societe Generale Group announced its quarterly results. He took the opportunity to take stock of his online bank, Boursorama Banque. The latter now has 2.8 million customers and continues to target 4.5 million by 2025.

In order to convince her customers to open a first account (without obligation and without conditions), she offers a bonus of € 80. You must open a Welcome or Ultime account, be over 18 years old and live in France. With online banking, you don’t have to close your checking account, and you don’t have to make it your primary direct debit.

To take advantage of the offer, enter the code BRS80 here:

Take a look at what Boursorama Banque has to offer

Why choose Boursorama Banque?

Boursorama Banque is the most popular online bank in France. In the last quarter it achieved a record growth with more than 203,000 new customers. If the health crisis slowed its growth a little in 2020, it has started all over again since the beginning of the year. Most likely, it should even surpass 3 million customers before summer.

In order to attract so many people, the Boursorama Banque has collected all the arguments. The first – and not the last – is that it is free for normal daily use. Because of this, more than half of customers didn’t pay any fees in 2020. According to a study carried out internally by the company, the average annual cost for a customer was 7.75 euros. It is therefore around 25 times cheaper than an average bank in France.

Then we will also appreciate that it is a complete bank that offers a similar range as a traditional bank. It is therefore very far from the neobanks, which are limited to a checking account and a payment card (without an authorized overdraft). Among the products available, we can mention loans, savings, insurance, or the stock market.

Finally, the last point is the quality of the customer relationship. Despite the fact that Boursorama Banque is an online bank, it offers excellent customer support. Whatever your question, it has its specialists in every financial product that can help you with precision. It therefore goes beyond agency consultants who cannot perfectly master all products. The first position on the customer relations podium in 2021 shows the quality of customer service.

To see this offer from Boursorama Banque, click here:

Take a look at what Boursorama Banque has to offer

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