how the government wants to get out of the grip of GAFA

Benefit from “the best services in the world” and assert French sovereignty at the same time. This is the content of the plan that the government presented yesterday for cloud technology. As a reminder, these 7,500 data centers spread across the planet are a fundamental problem for states, but also for companies and individuals. They allow everyone to keep their data off their computers.

Europe and France speak with one voice on this issue

In order to better protect itself, France has therefore decided to acquire a “Trust Cloud” label. The latter is supposed to guarantee “complete independence from American extraterritorial laws,” said Economics Minister Bruno Le Maire. As our colleagues from Ouest-France have recalled, Uncle Sam’s judiciary has indeed given itself the right to confiscate the data.

This label is only given to “European and European-owned” companies. You must have “operated servers in France”. To give an example, the state also forces the administration to use it.

However, the government does not intend to forego the services of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft that currently dominate this market. Hence, this designation as “trustworthy cloud” could be granted to companies that operate under license with the technologies of these technology giants.

We would like to remind that Europe is not left out on this matter and wants to acquire efficient cloud technology. Last year, an agreement was signed between 25 EU countries to create: The European Alliance for Industrial Data and the Cloud.

Ten billion euros will be invested in this area over the next seven years. In October, Commissioner Thierry Breton said on the subject: “Contrary to the prejudice, we are not late. We are the first to get involved in the industrial cloud. “Ultimately, the French OVHcloud and the German host T-Systems will create Gaia-X, a cloud dedicated to all sectors that are considered sensitive.

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