In Germany, Google products threatened to be withdrawn from sales

Chromecast is not just a standalone device, but above all a technology developed by Google. This technology is found in a wide variety of products developed by Mountain View. It’s at the heart of smartphones, connected speakers, Android TV, and other Google services.

At the end of April, Sonos began testing Google. To put it simply, Sonos accuses Google of plagiarizing one of its patented technologies without embarrassment. The first complaint filed by Sonos was made in 2013. In recent years there have been attacks from both sides. Last year, Mountain View tried to defend itself by stating that Sonos had “sought Google’s help and used up its resources.”

Google in bad shape

However, with the opening of this process, everything changed. The German court quickly found Google guilty of infiltrating Sonos’ IP addresses. Towards the end of the trial, the consequences for the American giant could be catastrophic. In fact, Google could no longer have the authorization to market its Chromecast-equipped products on German territory.

This therefore includes connected speakers, access to YouTube music, Android TV and many other services that are ubiquitous in the daily lives of millions of people. No official judgment has been made at the moment, but the situation looks bad for Google. Also note that Sonos has filed a similar complaint with the International Trade Commission. On the other hand, the rumors that Google may not be ahead.

That ruling will begin on August 13th and could press the courts to prevent Google from marketing its products using Chromecast technology in the US. A situation that seems unlikely, but in reality is absolutely so. Google and its lawyers will have to struggle to win this case unless it’s already too late in Germany …

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