Is Google Pixel also interested in invisible front cameras?

While Apple is still sticking to the tier it popularized with the iPhone X, most Android smartphone makers have opted for the bladder (which the front camera sits on) for their premium devices. Currently, some brands are also looking into the possibility of hiding this camera under the screen so that it becomes invisible.

In 2020, the ZTE brand stood out for the presentation of the Axon 20 5G, on which the camera for selfies is hidden under the screen. The part becomes transparent when the user needs the sensor. Xiaomi has already announced that it will start producing a device with a similar design this year. Currently, Samsung also wants to offer a smartphone with an invisible front camera.

Google has not yet commented on the topic. Nevertheless, the engineers at Mountain View seem already to be thinking about how a photo sensor can best be hidden under the screens of his future pixel smartphones.

Google could use a rotating mirror to hide the front sensor under the screen

This is suggested in an article by Android Authority passing a publication from the Dutch website LetsGoDigital. The latter would in fact have discovered a 23-page patent from Google describing a mechanism that would allow the company to offer smartphones on which the front sensor is hidden under the screen.

Essentially, Google would have envisioned a prism or rotating mirror under the screen. When the user wants to take a photo, this mirror rotates towards the image sensor. And when the image sensor is not in use, the mirror will reflect the image displayed by a secondary screen.

Google patents an Under Display Camera smartphone

It seems like the Pixel series device will come with an Under Display camera in the future or rumor has it that it is foldable by Google.

Via: @letsgodigitalNL @DSCCRoss #Google # Pixel6 # Android12 # Pixel6Pro # IO21

– MobINfo (@MobNfo) May 16, 2021

This nifty mechanism could help Google offer a borderless smartphone with no nicks or bubbles on the screen, while avoiding the drawbacks seen with ZTE’s Axon 20 5G. Indeed, the quality of the selfies leaves a lot to be desired if the Chinese brand has managed to bet on the design side.

But right now it’s just a rumor. Companies like Google have a significant number of patents that are not in use. It is also possible for the document to which LetsGoDigital refers to be placed in a drawer.

Alleged images of the Pixel 6 are already circulating on the Internet

In any case, it is expected that sooner or later invisible cameras will eventually become the norm in the smartphone market. Still, this year it is very likely that Google will adopt the classic solution on the Pixel 6: the pierced bubble on the screen for the front camera.

Suspected images of this model are currently circulating on the Internet. And according to these pictures, there is no photo sensor hidden under the screen.

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