McLaren’s first hybrid supercar is official

Like many other premium manufacturers (like Ferrari two years ago with its SF90 Stradale), McLaren is employing its new hybrid strategy. This initially includes a new model called Artura, a 100% new vehicle for McLaren, developed from a McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture monocoque chassis weighing just … 82 kg!

Artura: the hybrid supercar made in McLaren

The McLaren Artura weighs 1,500 pounds, adorned with McLaren’s own DNA with an instantly recognizable look. A model whose weight and aerodynamics were particularly careful, with very shaped shapes and a massive use of carbon and aluminum.

© McLaren

On board, despite a small multimedia screen, we are in the presence of a racing car with an Alcantara steering wheel, (very) large paddles for up and down gears, not to mention a steering wheel that is not at all button.

On the engine side, the new McLaren Artura is equipped with a solid 3.0-liter Biturbi V6 block that develops a whopping 580 hp. The latter is connected to an electric motor that develops 95 hp for a total of 675 hp and no less than 720 Nm of torque. An (over) performance with which the McLaren Artura can overcome 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds and top up to 330 km / h.

© McLaren

For those who want to drive in peace, the McLaren Artura will have a “fully electric” mode. This way we can only drive on the electric motor without having to start the overloaded V6. However, it is necessary to be satisfied with a top speed of 40 km / h and a range of around 30 km. According to Engadget, it costs a little less than 200,000 euros on the price side to park this Artura in the garage of the house.

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