Please note that this malware is the most dangerous in France (PC / Mobile).

In France, a new ranking of the most popular malware has just been published in a study by Check Point Research (CPR). The first three represent the majority of cyber attacks by malicious software recorded in France.

“On average, an organization falls victim to ransomware every 10 seconds around the world. More recently, governments have been urged to do more to address this growing threat. […] There’s no sign of slowing down, ”commented Maya Horowitz, director of Threat Intelligence & Research, Products at Check Point.

Let’s take stock of these formidable programs, their characteristics and their means of detection in a classification of the most widespread malware in France today.

Top computer malware

The study presented by Check Point Research is now due to be published monthly as malware becomes more popular as the weeks go on. For example, the Dridex Trojan is the most widespread malware in the world today, although it only ranked seventh in February. It is the third most popular malware in France.

The one who rises to the top in April 2021 (study period) is called Qbot. It is also a Trojan horse and, according to Chech Point Research, “the most prevalent malware in April as it was found in 41% of attacks detected by Check Point in France”. It’s especially impressive despite its first release in 2008. It affects both individuals and companies.

In second place in France and the world is Agent Tesla. A name that makes itself known to the public as it is responsible for many glitches straight from any type of file. For his part, he has been active since 2014.

How do you work? What are you aiming for? For Dridex, companies are above all the goal. The software tries to find its way “through the malicious spam campaign (phishing) QuickBooks,” an accounting software, explains CPR. It is the main culprit behind many cyber ransomware attacks, programs that then break into company files to encrypt them and then negotiate a ransom.

Qbot is the first malware in France for a reason, despite the fact that it affects both businesses and individuals. Its purpose is to steal bank data and record user keystrokes (keylogger function). Most of the time it is delivered through spam campaigns. He is particularly successful at evading detection.

Finally, keep an eye out for Agent Tesla, who has a growing appetite for the passwords he saves as he type on the keyboard and the screenshots he can take in web browsers. Still in the form of spam, it is telling you to download a file and CPR says it can honestly be any type of file.

The mobile ranking of the worst malware

Malware now only benefits computers without anti-virus protection (check out our ranking of the best anti-virus programs in 2021). We regularly report on Presse-Citron, the mishaps on smartphones are very numerous and sometimes even more violent (especially for our bank account).

In April, xHelper took 1st place among the most widespread mobile malware, followed by Triada and Hiddad. The first is an application that was first seen in March 2019. It acts as an intermediary for downloading other malware. The problem: it’s not easy for its users to see and can reinstall itself if the user uninstalls it.

Second, Triada makes its strength in a program that grants “superuser permissions on downloaded malware”. In other words, it also participates in helping other malware by giving access to all administrator rights without letting you know.

Hiddad present on Android smartphones can easily break into the security of the operating system. Most of the time, he only allows himself to advertise to make money. Even so, Hiddad regularly appears under the name of another app, such as one of Google’s standard services (e.g. YouTube), to keep it private. Its presence is regularly found in the Google Play Store, the application store for Android smartphones.

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