Samsung dangles a smartphone in three directions and a roll-up screen

Today, Samsung can be seen as the leader in foldable smartphones. After launching the Galaxy Fold in 2019, the Korean giant released three more models in 2020. We are currently waiting for the release of its new foldable smartphones in 2021.

In particular, according to some rumors, Samsung could launch a model that folds into three parts, while so far all collapsible smartphones can be folded in half. At the moment this is of course unofficial information. What is certain, however, is that Samsung is already working on the technologies with which it can offer this type of smartphone.

Samsung Display shows its new technologies. Soon on the Korean giant’s smartphones?

In addition, Samsung Display decided to highlight these technologies this week on the occasion of the Display Week 2021 virtual exhibition. Below you will find an OLED display that folds into three parts so that the user can enjoy an extra large display on a device that, when folded, takes on the dimensions of a normal smartphone.

© Samsung display

On the other hand, Samsung Display is also thinking of rollable screens. Below you have a device that can be expanded to have a screen width.

© Samsung display

A video has also been released to give us an idea of ​​the developments that will be possible in the electronics market thanks to the screens developed by Samsung Display. In addition to the tri-fold smartphone and roll-up screen, Samsung also reminds of the cameras hidden under the screen in this video.

Unfortunately, it is currently unknown when all of these technologies will be available for commercial products. In any case, it should be noted that Samsung Display not only equips Samsung products, but also products from other brands, including manufacturers of premium Android smartphones and Apple.

Therefore, it is possible that one day these technologies developed by Samsung Display will be available not only on Samsung smartphones or computers, but also on products from other brands.

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