Send email in 1984? Not so easy (video)

Sending an email is one of the most mundane gestures of our daily life today. Even on the go, you can compose your messages in seconds and send them to the person you are speaking to anywhere in the world.

In 1984, of course, the web had been invented, but the era of smartphones would not come for years. Still in this video posted on Twitter, we can see that this didn’t stop some intrepid ones from taking action.

Here’s how to check your email in 1984:

– Jon Erlichman (@JonErlichman) May 16, 2021

In 37 years the web has changed

Incidentally, we find that modems didn’t have much to do with the miniaturized objects on board our phones. The man who is on a train must therefore first connect his device to the modem. He then had to be able to send his emails to London and receive them locally, an incredible feat for the time. Apart from the fact that this quickly becomes a technical and financial problem. It indicates that the phone is chargeable and the line is too loud for his modem: Mission failed.

The journalist then tries his luck in a Japanese hotel. We then see how he connects his phone very firmly to the modem to start his installation. He is already aware of the risks of hacking and refuses to show his password to viewers. And there is a miracle: it can retrieve and send the messages received.

37 years later, we can better assess the progress made. While sending an email on the go seemed like a feat, we’ve gotten used to sharing free video conferencing with interlocutors who are sometimes on the other side of the planet.

Streaming has also become a reality and there is nothing to suggest that it is possible to watch your favorite series from your hotel room or by train. Cloud games would undoubtedly have created the effect of a mirage on the man of video too, given that the 1984 web was different from that of 2021.

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