Understand everything about the new health card

On the night of May 11th to May 12th, 2021, the health passport project was finally tested again by parliamentarians.

This device is currently being tested and will take effect on June 9th in France. It is part of a larger health plan that is associated with the other EU Member States and Iceland. Here is everything you need to know.

What is the health pass?

Contrary to what we can sometimes hear, the health pass is not a vaccination pass. This device will “allow more freedom to travel and move around safely,” said Clément Beaune, State Secretary for European Affairs.

The information contained in this passport includes the certificate of vaccination against Covid, the results of PCR or antigen tests of less than 48 hours and / or the certificate of recovery if you have been infected with the virus.

TousAntiCovid-Carnet, QR code: How do I access the health pass?

There are two solutions for accessing the Health Pass: the paper format or the TousAntiCovid-Carnet application. Since April 19, it has been possible to obtain a digital certificate for virological tests to be imported into the TousAntiCovid Carnet application.

Those who had already had access to vaccinations (since May 3rd) could also call up a vaccination certificate in the form of a QR code. If you flash this code with your smartphone, the certificate will automatically be listed in the digital notebook.

From mid-May, the health insurance company will also be able to download this certificate from a special website. These certified documents will act as “official authentication” that will be accepted by the government, the relevant authorities and then, in a second step, by the countries of the EU and internationally when crossing the border, “says the health insurance company.

What about medical data security?

The establishment of such a device sparked an outcry from the political opposition and the anti-Vax community. The confidentiality of medical data is in question.

On this point, the Scientific Council is clear: the French should support the use of a digital format. This makes it possible to “hide certain personal and medical information that the Health Pass Controller does not need to know”.

For people who are less familiar with digital tools, the health passport can also be presented in paper form.

What is the health pass used for?

The health passport “will be an additional instrument to ensure the protection of the French”, confirmed the President of the Republic on April 29th. It therefore complements the measures taken, in particular compliance with barrier gestures and distancing measures.

The health passport will allow the French in particular to gain freedom and return to places where large numbers of people come together.

Where is it asked?

The French must present their health passport when traveling to countries in the European Union. It is part of the “Digital Green Certificate” project set up by the EU and will go into operation in June. It won’t end until WHO declares the end of the pandemic. For travel outside the EU, France is currently negotiating case-by-case agreements.

The health pass is also requested if you want to access a gathering of more than 1000 people.

Is the health passport compulsory?

In short: no. Emmanuel Macron decided on this issue: the health passport “cannot be a right of access that is different from the French”. It is therefore not compulsory to go to bars, restaurants, cultural places or friends.

On the other hand, it will be in the two cases presented above: to travel or to access gatherings of more than 1000 people.

Who is affected by the health pass?

All but the children. The Scientific Council states that “many of them had an asymptomatic form of Covid that was often undiagnosed”. Therefore, the children’s health pass is irrelevant.

If, on the other hand, children have to travel to the EU, a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours must always be carried out. It will then be attached to the parents’ health passport.

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