Why is data protection still underestimated by companies?

The Digital Enterprise Show will take place in Madrid from today until Thursday. This world-class show is dedicated to the topic of the digital transformation of companies. During these three days, more than 300 large technology companies and international experts will share their recipes for a successful digital transformation. Many topics are discussed, including the impact of artificial intelligence on commerce or data security.

On this occasion we wanted to ask ourselves about this topic. In this context, a global survey by data protection specialist Acronis is worth a detour. One observation, according to the authors, is immediately obvious: there is a blatant difference between the need for companies to protect their information and the inefficient investments they have made to reach it.

Multiplying protection systems is not a good idea

While teleworking was deployed at a very fast rate in 2020, many companies have bought new systems to keep things more secure. 80% of the companies surveyed have up to 10 solutions at the same time to protect their personal data and their cybersecurity. However, more than half of them regretted information leaks in the past year. A real problem that sometimes brings activity to a standstill.

Serguei Beloussov, founder and CEO of Acronis, quoted Security Magazine: ‚ÄúThese results confirm our belief that the smartest approach is cyber protection, which combines data protection, cybersecurity and endpoint management. “”

In order to protect your data as best as possible, the experts suggest various measures. First of all, several data backups must be made with a local copy that enables quick recovery in the event of a disaster. Updating operating systems is another measure as outdated operating systems can contain vulnerabilities that allow cyber criminals to access them.

You should also be extra vigilant about phishing attacks and avoid clicking on suspicious links. Using an appropriate and properly updated antivirus solution is also essential. Finally, it can also be a good idea to have a single cyber protection solution with central management.

It should be noted that a recent report by Canalys supports the same point. The authors find that corporate cybersecurity spending skyrocketed in 2020, reaching $ 53 billion. However, this did not prevent the number of attacks from increasing at the same time. To explain this paradox, analysts believe that despite budget increases, companies are still not investing enough to respond to these threats.

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