A “quick wipe” mode that allows you to quickly clear your history on Android

Last night, as part of its I / O conference, Google highlighted some of the features that will be integrated into the future Android 12 and expected in the final version at the beginning of the school year. An Android 12 where user security and privacy are paramount. In addition to a new system of passwords or even better photo storage, Google is announcing a brand new quick erase feature that can be accessed through the Chrome browser.

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A quick erase feature for Google Chrome

One of the new features that Google announced last night is browsing history management. Via Google Chrome it is possible to consult the history to find this article that we searched a few weeks ago and that we want to share with a friend. Conversely, it is possible to activate an “incognito” mode so as not to leave any trace of its passage.

With the new “Quick Delete” option, Google Chrome enables the user to delete the last 15 minutes of surfing with one click. Simply click on his profile picture and select the option “Delete the last 15 minutes”. In this way, all traces of this search for gifts for Mother’s Day or even visits to this website, which must be kept confidential, can be quickly erased.

However, for all practical purposes, note that a web browser’s incognito mode does not prevent a website from tracking user activity and does not guarantee complete confidentiality. However, it avoids saving browsing activities, cookies, permissions and other form entries.

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