Google is completely reinventing video calling with the Starline project

We can say what we want from Google when it comes to ethics, privacy and many other topics, but Mountain View is always there when it comes to innovation. From yesterday to tomorrow, the annual Google I / O event is held practically on the company’s California premises. A number of conferences are being planned to learn about the future of the company.

Currently, GAFA has announced some new functions for Google Maps, Google Photos, the beta version of Android 12 or the possible existence of a foldable pixel. Among the more unusual announcements, we particularly selected the Starline project. This novelty has nothing to do with SpaceX’s Starlink project and consists of a kind of 3D screen that makes video calls more real than life.

The pandemic is driving Google to innovate

Google assumes a fairly simple observation. For more than a year, the whole world has been caught in an unprecedented health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, millions of people have had to switch to teleworking to minimize contact and slow the spread of the virus. Anyone who says telework inevitably says video calls and Conf-Call in order to organize the best teamwork even from a distance.

However, Mountain View company very often finds that these people have mediocre cameras on their computers, which can quickly distort professional exchanges. Not only has the company redoubled its efforts to continuously improve the user experience on Google Meet, but it has also been thinking about developing the Starline project for some time.

This project aims to use an impressive technology that makes it possible to simulate a natural interaction with another person through a screen. As we can see in the presentation video, Google doesn’t just focus on professional sharing. We also note that it is some kind of imposing booth that, in addition to transcribing your face in 3D, allows you to portray that of your correspondent as if he were standing in front of you.

The Starline cabs are currently represented in the Google offices in Mountain View and at some partner companies. It is still a technology in the testing phase.

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