Google’s 5 new projects against Apple

After the 2020 edition was canceled, Google was in great shape for Google I / O 2021. Sundar Pichai was obviously happy to reach out to his developer community and had prepared a very (also?) Rich program.

In the midst of this flood of more or less technical information, some announcements should be more specific. Here are the 5 google projects that tagged this google I / O.

Android 12: Your smartphone will be redesigned

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As every year, Google I / O offers Google the opportunity to introduce a new version of Android. This year, Android 12 marks a real turning point in the history of the mobile operating system.

In fact, Google has completely redesigned the user interface of its operating system. On the agenda is Material You, a new graphics charter inspired by the preferences and desires of every user.

Specifically, the AI ​​analyzes the colors of the background image and adapts the user interface to these colors. Icons, typography and colors can also be manually adjusted for a fully personalized user interface.

Android 12 also has a brand new menu of notifications and quick settings. Larger and rounded icons are inspired by iOS but integrated into an opaque menu that will undoubtedly become the central element of our daily use.

For more information on what’s new in Android 12, we recommend reading our more comprehensive report.

Wear OS: Google and Samsung conquer the Apple Watch

Announcement of the partnership between Google and Samsung (Wear OS and Tizen) during the Google I / O conference. © Google

While Google was waiting for a supposed Pixel Watch, Google proudly presented its new version of Wear OS. And to stay up to date on watchOS (Apple), the Californian giant has joined Samsung’s services for just that.

The new Wear OS therefore merges with Tizen, the system that the Korean developed for his connected watches. This allocation enables Wear OS to gain speed (+ 30%) and endurance.

The surface in particular will change significantly. It is materialized more fully by new tiles (pop-up dials) and new, more intuitive gestures. Above all, the application catalog is being expanded considerably.

Finally, Google Maps and Android Pay are fully integrated into the new watches on Wear OS, with step-by-step navigation for the first and the ability to pay with your watch for the second.

It should also be noted that activity monitoring will be more precise as Google will leverage Fitbit (recently acquired) expertise to launch premium connected watches on Wear OS.

Google Workspace: Makes teleworking easier

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The pandemic will have had at least one advantage: it democratized teleworking. To improve the work at home, Google announced new creation and collaboration tools.

Smart Canvas is a new platform that is integrated into Google Workspace, the American office suite. With this new tool, teams can work together more effectively because all documents of a team are on the same interface.

To support this platform, Google is also improving Google Meet. The video conferencing service is now fully integrated with all of the Californian’s office automation services. For example, you can organize a meeting and work on a project live with your team.

Focus on confidentiality

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Apple and Google have always had a different relationship with their users’ personal information. The first is based on enhanced privacy protection, the second has built its economic model on the use of this data. And yet …

During Google I / 0 2021, Google focused on new tools to protect user privacy. On Android 12, for example, you can use the “data protection dashboard” function to better display and adjust the authorizations for the various applications.

In Google Search, the search history can be cleared in no time by simply clicking on the photo associated with his account. Browsing history can be turned off in Google Maps, and in Google Photos you can hide certain images in a new folder. All with biometric protection.

Finally, we can import the password lists from special applications in the field (e.g. LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password). Lastly, Google will warn you if one of your passwords is broken and tell you what to do to change your access.

Google Maps and Google Photos are getting smarter

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Among other things, Google has introduced new options in Google Maps. The map service will show new ads in 50 cities around the world, such as: B. the position of pedestrian crossings.

Traumatized by the pandemic, Google also adds Area Busyness, a feature that alerts the frequency of businesses to avoid crowds.

On the Google Photos page, Little Patterns complements the talents of AI. This function automatically classifies the photos according to certain criteria (object, people, places, etc.). Cinematic Photos creates small cutscenes (what a surprise!) From snapshots taken over a very short period of time.

Of course, Google wasn’t happy with these 5 announcements during its conference. The Californian giant also revealed futuristic technologies and projects that will be implemented in the medium term. We think, for example, of its AI, which is able to have a fluid conversation, like a human (creepy), or its 3D technology, which makes it possible to have a long-distance call with a 3D-modeled interlocutor right in front of you to lead.

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