Here is the list of devices compatible with the Android 12 beta

This week, Google presents its innovations at the Google I / O conference. The star of this event is of course Android 12. In fact, with this new version of its operating system, the Mountain View company is redesigning the Android interface and also offers new functions for protecting life. Private.

As a reminder, Android 12 has been previewed for several weeks. And now it’s entering beta and nearing the final version that will be released in the second half of the year. While waiting for this version, Android 12 can now be tested on multiple devices (during the preview it was only possible to test Android 12 on Google Pixel smartphones).

Below is a list of devices that you can install the Android 12 beta on for an overview of the new features that will be available later in the stable release.


Pixels 3 Pixels 3XL Pixels 3a Pixels 4 Pixels 4XL Pixels 4a Pixels 4a 5G Pixels 5







(a device that has not yet been announced)





Xiaomi Mi 11 Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra Xiaomi Mi11i Xiaomi Mi11X Pro


Note that the procedure for installing this Android 12 beta depends on the manufacturer. You can go to the Android website, which will direct you to each manufacturer’s manuals for installation. Google says, “Each partner maintains their own registrations and support, and provides beta updates directly to you. “”

As usual, when installing the Android 12 beta on your smartphone, your best bet is to back up all of your data first. While it’s more stable than the preview, we’re not immune to bugs just yet.

When will the stable version be available?

Google has already released a schedule for the Android 12 beta phase. After this first beta, two more beta versions will be launched in June / July. Then a fourth beta will be released in August. This will be important as it will be very close to the final version.

Then the stable version of Android 12 will be released after this fourth beta. However, no date has been announced yet. In the meantime, Google will continue to collect feedback from testers to fix bugs, while developers can count on betas to test their applications on the new version.

Hopefully, Android 12’s rollout will be faster than Android 11.Although Android updates aren’t arriving as quickly as iOS (with the exception of Google Pixel smartphones), Google isn’t stopping to announce new programs like Treble to solve them this problem.

In December, Google also announced a partnership with Qualcomm to enable updates for smartphones with Snapdragon chips. Thanks to this partnership, manufacturers no longer have to change Qualcomm’s component-specific software when upgrading Android.

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