In order to achieve CO2 neutrality, Amazon relies on electric air transport

Amazon has set itself an important goal: to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2040. To raise the funds for this, Jeff Bezos’ company is already relying heavily on electric vehicles. The company has therefore ordered 100,000 vehicles of this type from the American company Rivian. The company also uses renewable energies in its logistics centers.

By investing in BETA Technologies, a manufacturer of electric aircraft, the company has added a number to its arsenal. The best-known model is the Alia eVTOL, which can transport around 680 kilos of goods over a range of 402 km, either three pallets or six people.

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Amazon is here for the long term, as Beta Techonologies doesn’t want to ship its first device until 2024. In a statement, Kara Hurst, Vice President and Head of Global Sustainability for the company, is pleased about this collaboration:

We support BETA Technologies’ mission to transform air travel with zero-emission aviation, and we are proud to be investing in this business through Amazon’s $ 2 billion Climate Pledge Fund. Developing sustainable and carbon-free technologies will facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy and protect the planet for future generations.

Amazon isn’t the only tech giant communicating about its environmental efforts. For example, recently we learned that Facebook uses 100% renewable energy for its activities. The company now wants to go further and is aiming for CO2 neutrality for the entire value chain by 2030.

Apple is no exception and announced last year that it was pursuing the same goal. To achieve this, the apple brand will reduce its emissions by up to 75%, while the remaining 25% should be achieved through the use of carbon capture solutions.

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