Mon Petit Placement offers 30% to start investing

Every year the French choose savings accounts to save money. They are unprofitable, less and less interesting, and other solutions are becoming the norm. The Lyon-based startup Mon Petit Placement aims to make simple and tailor-made investment solutions accessible to everyone. With the code CITRON30 you get a 30% discount for life!

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The startup is not aimed at a wealthy clientele and offers four portfolios in which you can invest from € 300. These financial products have been selected by wealth management experts to control risk while delivering high returns. These four portfolios are ranked simply, from least risk to best performance.

FinTech also offers a thematic offer to invest according to your wishes: technology, health, climate, equality, employment and solidarity. Something for every taste! In addition, you have the option of transferring or withdrawing your savings at any time. You can also divert your capital at any time and free of charge.

A special offer for Lemon Juicer readers

In terms of remuneration, Mon Petit Placement is transparent: € 0 entry or exit fees. The start is only paid for by performance. If your investment is doing well, so will Mon Petit Placement!

We have negotiated a special offer for Lemon Squeezer readers with a 30% lifetime discount on all fees. How can you use that? Simply use the code CITRON30 when registering.

High-end investment for everyone

The strength of the platform lies in its efficiency and simplicity. Registration only takes a few minutes and is 100% online. To help you get started, you will receive a personalized video that will allow you to choose the best strategy based on your expectations and profile.

After registration, you will have access to a modern platform with which you can follow the development of your investments from day to day. Of course, personal data and bank details are 100% safe and secure.

If you have any questions, the Mon Petit Placement teams respond very quickly in the dedicated chat or by phone. Freedom remains a priority, however, and with 90% of users following expert advice, Fintech offers its clients the freedom to manage their savings at their own discretion.

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