Nevertheless, Joe Biden presented the new Ford F-150 Lightning

A few days ago the American Ford formalized the name “Lightning” for its future 100% electric pickup, which was inspired by the timeless F-150. Indeed, after the Mustang-derived Mach-E, Ford decided to use its iconic F-150 pickup, a real star across the Atlantic, as a model for the development of its new zero-emission vehicle.

When Joe Biden introduces the Ford F-150 Lighting

An F-150 Lightning pickup that starred in a recent speech given by US President Joe Biden. During a trip to Michigan, the President of the United States gave a speech in front of various Ford vehicles at Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

And there it is. The electric @Ford F-150 Lightning before the comments from @POTUS.

– Michael Wayland (@MikeWayland) May 18, 2021

Among the different models on display behind the American President were vintage cars, more modern cars … but also the brand new F-150 Lightning! Indeed, it is impossible not to see the impressive silhouette of this future 100% electric vehicle from Ford.

In his speech, Joe Biden said in particular: β€œThe future of the automotive industry is electric. There is no turning back ”. The president also wanted to reiterate his desire that manufacturers assemble their future vehicles in the United States. A little picnic to General Motors, who have already announced that they want to manufacture certain vehicles in Mexico … but also to Ford, whose current Mach-E is manufactured in the same country.

Keep in mind that the Ford F-150 is a pickup truck that is particularly popular with motorists in the United States, having sold millions of copies and having known no fewer than 13 generations since it was first launched in 1948.

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