Spotify calls Apple a “ruthless bully” who is stifling competition

A historic trial began in California on May 3, particularly in Oakland. This is Epic Games’ Apple lawsuit. As a reminder, the publisher of Fortnite accuses the Cupertino company of abusing a dominant position through the App Store, particularly with the famous 30% commission that is charged on all transactions. This test, which is coming to an end, could forever upset the model Apple has been rolling out for years.

Epic Games isn’t the only company trying to challenge the $ 1.9 trillion company. Match Group or Spotify are other examples of well-known companies that no longer support Apple’s supremacy. While the Cupertino company is in the middle of a lawsuit, Horacio Gutierrez, Spotify’s legal director and head of global affairs, has just written an alarming column about Apple’s competitive methods.

A message from Spotify against Apple

Mr. Gutierrez does not hesitate to write that GAFA is literally suffocating its competitors using many methods that are very unfair. The latter even goes so far as to describe Apple as “a ruthless bully who uses his dominance to hinder his competitors”. Like Epic Games, Spotify has been battling Apple for years for the same reasons.

The Swedish music platform doesn’t understand the 30% commission charged by the App Store, but Apple goes even further by preventing Spotify users from leaving the app to make a payment on the service’s website. As a result, Spotify says in its iOS app, “You cannot subscribe to Spotify Premium in the app. It’s not ideal, we know that. “An unacceptable situation, says Horacio Gutierrez, who believes that Spotify has a major disadvantage compared to its direct competitor Apple Music.

In his column, Horacio Gutierrez concluded that Spotify never tries to benefit from preferential treatment. According to him, the platform only demands fair treatment and not just Spotify.

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