Spotify has it all: podcasts come with subtitles

Subtitles for our favorite movies and series allow for better inclusion. They also allow you to view international content without too many comprehension problems. This week Spotify plans to add an automatic transcript to its podcasts for the same purpose. A very good idea.

In detail, it says that users can also use written transcription to go back to a specific location on the podcast. Instead of listening to excerpts to know if we are at the right minute, it is enough to scroll the text, much like the Spotify feature in Instagram stories.

The feature will be introduced in a beta version when it debuts. It is only available for certain original or exclusive Spotify content. They will therefore be in English. However, the streaming platform has already announced that it will expand the transcription and these subtitles to all available programs.

To do this, a tool must be used that is powerful and precise enough not to indicate grotesque errors. Spotify can take this into account in its acquisition policy, with which it is resting today in order to maintain the pace of innovation in the face of competition from Apple and Amazon.

From a recording point of view, there are other small changes being made to the Spotify podcast interface. They affect the colors of the buttons and the size of the text (this configuration is currently only available on iOS).

At the same time, Spotify’s last major podcast announcement was the arrival of paid programming. Thanks to its tool and hosting platform Anchor, Spotify invites its developers to monetize some of their episodes in the same way that Apple offers on its own platform.

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