the 4 novelties that will change your smartphone

Last year, the health crisis forced Google to cancel the Google I / O annual developer conference. So this year the program has been very busy.

However, there is no question of letting go of traditions. As every year, Google used this large mass to present a new version of its mobile operating system. And the least we can say is that Android 12 will completely change your smartphone.

Currently available in beta, it will be made available from October 2021. In the meantime, we invite you to discover 4 important new features of Android 12.

Material You: A new surface in your picture

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Android 12 is indeed an important update in the history of the operating system. Google has completely revamped its graphics charter by initially focusing on Material You. Behind this name is a new, highly customizable interface.

From a background image, the AI ​​scans the various available colors and transforms the entire user interface according to these colors. The user can adjust the small details at will. In this way everyone has their own interface. Bluff.

Incidentally, Google has mainly revised the menu with notifications and quick settings. It is characterized by rounded icons and is much larger than iOS, minus the effect of transparency. The idea is to make this menu a central element of our daily use.

The screen saver also changes

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Your Android smartphone transforms even when it is idle. This changes the standby interface considerably. The clock occupies a very important place on the screen (almost half), the weather forecast and network information are in a smaller area. The whole thing is more refined, more minimalistic, in short, very attractive.

Notification widgets are also changing. They’re adopting Google’s new graphics charter while being rounded. Guaranteed effect.

New gestures for a new life

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Android 12 signals the arrival of new quick gestures that allow access to certain functions in the blink of an eye.

Google initially takes inspiration from certain manufacturers by offering the ability to start the Google Assistant by simply long pressing the On / Off button. A gesture that many are already familiar with, but which did not exist on Android.

With Android 12, double tapping also appears on the back of the smartphone. This feature is available on the iPhone but is not known to the public. It is much more visible here.

You can access a previously selected function by quickly tapping twice on the back of the smartphone. Among other things, you can start the camera, access the latest notification or trigger the flashlight.

Privacy Dashboard: Focus on the security of your data

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Against all odds, Google is following in Apple’s footsteps and taking an interest in the security of user data. Definitely in appearance.

Android 12 therefore has a new tool called the Privacy Dashboard. It is presented as a log of the permissions granted to various applications. The user can grant or revoke permissions with a single click in a simple and intuitive interface.

Google also offers the option to display a small ad in the top right corner of the screen when an application is using the camera.

However, there is nothing about functionality that compares to Apple’s Tracking Transparency app. No wonder, given Google’s business model.

© Google

So much for the major new features in Android 12. Obviously, more small features will pop up over the weeks while we wait for the final version. As every year, some more anecdotal features may disappear depending on feedback from beta testers.

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