You can now use Google Photos to create locked folders

From yesterday and until tomorrow, Google has been multiplying the ads during its annual Google I / O event. At the moment the company has been talking about upcoming changes for Google Maps or Android, but most of all about the secret existence of a foldable pixel. That is not all. Mountain View company has also introduced some new features related to Google Photos.

As Google prepares to end its free unlimited storage offering, the company recently introduced a new search tool and, more recently, a new feature called “Locked Folder”. Understand “locked file” in French. As the name suggests, this feature lets you create photo folders that are secured with a password.

A very useful feature

Especially useful when you want to keep pictures secret. Photos stored in a locked folder will no longer appear in the Google Photos feed. In their example, Mountain View company showed parents who wanted to surprise their children by offering them a puppy. So that the children could not imagine the surprise, the parents used a locked folder to hide the pictures of the puppy.

“Locked Folder” in @googlephotos allows you to add photos to a passcode protected area that won’t appear when scrolling through photos or other apps on your phone. Locked Folder will be launched first on Google Pixel and later this year on other Android devices. #GoogleIO

– Google (@Google) May 18, 2021

Between us, this feature will come in handy in many other situations. If you show someone a photo on your smartphone, you have most likely already said to yourself, “It’s okay, it’s over, don’t swipe too far left or right.” It is a normal reaction to want to keep personal photos on your smartphone. Not to mention intimate photos, you surely have embarrassing photos that you don’t want to show everyone. Hence the advantage of this new functionality.

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