Fortnite earned over $ 100 million in commissions for Apple

In the past few weeks, the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple has been considered. As a reminder, it all started when the Fortnite publisher decided to create their own platform to bypass the 30% royalty on in-game purchases made in the App Store. This maneuver disliked the Apple brand, which banned Fortnite from their application store.

The rivalry then escalated over the months, culminating in this process taking place in California. Yesterday was interesting in this regard with the testimony from Michael Schmid, the head of business development for games in the App Store. According to Bloomberg, the game reportedly earned over $ 100 million in commissions in the two years prior to Fortnite’s removal from the Apple platform. However, he refused to disclose the exact amount.

Tim Cook will testify this Friday

According to a Sensor Tower analyst quoted by our colleagues, gamers made $ 1.2 billion in purchases from the App Store last year. With a 30% share, Apple would have sales of around $ 354 million. However, the apple brand also had a cost to achieve these results. Michael Schmid has also confirmed that the company has spent $ 1 million in the past 11 months promoting the title in the Application Store.

Epic Games wants to prove that Apple’s profits are too high given the involvement in the transactions. As a result, Lauren Moskowitz, the company’s attorney, described the relationship between the money received for the game and the millions of dollars spent promoting the game as a “bargain” for the brand with the apple.

All eyes are now on Tim Cook, who is due to testify under oath at the bar this Friday. The two companies will come up with their final arguments on Monday, and it will then be up to Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers to deliver her verdict.

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