Google still has many products to present this year

On May 18th, Google launched its I / O conference to showcase the novelties of its ecosystem. This edition was important as the 2020 I / O conference was canceled due to the pandemic.

This year, Google has focused heavily on Android. In fact, the developer conference gave Mountain View the opportunity to launch the beta version of Android 12 and introduce the revision of the operating system interface, a partnership with Samsung for connected watches or new devices to protect user privacy.

Pixel 5a and Pixel Buds A?

On the other hand, Google still has many products to show. And among these is the Pixel 5a. In fact, Google has already confirmed that this product is in development. And if some had hoped the presentation would take place during Google I / O 2021, it ultimately didn’t. The Pixel 5a is expected to be a cheaper version of the Pixel 5 that Google launched in 2020.

Ordinarily, Google should launch new wireless headphones this year too: the Pixel Buds A. If the company hasn’t mentioned these headphones yet, we know they’re in development too, as graphics have already leaked in a Google post. Logically, this product should be an affordable version of the Pixel Buds that Google can use to launch a price war against Apple’s AirPods.

What’s new for tablets and Chromebooks?

Google was also very quiet on tablets and computers, which is surprising given the currently increasing demand for these two product categories. In 2020, Samsung Android tablet shipments rose 44% and Chrome OS gained market share through teleworking and distance learning.

Pixel 6 and foldable smartphones?

In conclusion, it should be noted that there are already many rumors circulating about the next premium smartphones, which Google will publish in the second half of 2021. With regard to Pixel 6, alleged renderings of this model are already circulating on the Internet, which in particular provides information about what its camera module could look like.

By the way, if the Pixel 6 looked like this (source: @jon_prosser), would you be tempted or not?
Small poll in the following tweet 👇😉

And would you be more 6 or 6 Pro (bigger)? # Googlepixel6 # GooglePixel6Pro

– Alex Reframe (@AlexReframe) May 15, 2021

On the other hand, according to some sources, Google could equip this smartphone with a chip developed in collaboration with Samsung instead of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. At the moment this is not official. However, if Google were to equip their Pixel smartphones with a homemade chip (or almost) it would be closer to the Apple model, which boasts of complete control over the software and hardware of its smartphones.

In addition to the Pixel 6, Google was also able to present its first foldable smartphone with the foldable screens from Samsung Display.

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