In the end, Macs aren’t that secure, and Apple says it is

Only a few days left until the end of the Apple lawsuit from Epic Games. Yesterday, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering and icon for Cupertino, was called to the bar. Federighi’s line of defense was quite simple. The latter tried to praise the security system set up by Apple and, in particular, to warn of the risks of a possible break in the model of the App Store.

While Craig Federighi was advancing his argument, he inadvertently made some worrying concessions when it comes to security on macOS. Today the macOS environment is much more open than the iOS environment. This leads Federighi to realize that the amount of malware on the Mac is increasing and is becoming a major concern for the company at Apple. He also explains that a freer model on iOS, modeled after that of macOS, would put iPhone users at too much risk.

macOS and iOS are two different environments

In other words, Craig Federighi, who primarily tried to defend his employer’s position, eventually shot at his camp by painting a very dark picture of security on macOS. The senior vice president of software engineering used an interesting metaphor to introduce macOS. According to him, the operating system for Mac is comparable to a car. If you have the driver’s license and the traffic rules and drive carefully, everything is fine with your car (macOS), which can be difficult in case of recklessness.

On the contrary, according to Federighi, iOS would be a safe version of macOS, almost intended for children. The latter expressly states: “Children can also use an iOS device safely. It really is a different product. “

This intriguing intervention by Craig Federighi comes just days before the end of the trial. The final hours are devoted to the testimony of Apple’s leaders. Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, is expected to speak on Friday. The final declarations of the two parties are expected to take place on Monday.

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